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Employee Benefits

“Nick helped us secure low-cost health insurance coverage with low deductibles and co-pays for our employees. He explained everything and facilitated our enrollment; now he helps us with ongoing, insurance related questions. The service is very personalized - Nick works directly with our employees and their families. I've since recommended him to other startups with great results and feedback.”

– Joshua Goltz, COO, Pulselocker



Medicare doesn’t have to be confusing. We'll advise you, in simple terms, of your best possible options for Medicare products, including:

  • Medicare Supplement

  • Medicare Advantage

  • Medicare Part D (Rx Drug Coverage)


Life Insurance

“Nick has proven himself time and time again as a valuable insurance/financial adviser to me and my family. He improved my life insurance coverage (drastically lowering my costs while increasing my coverage) and also helped my family secure comprehensive health insurance coverage at a good price even though my kids recently had accidents that were affecting our families insurability.”

– Bob Witter, Husband and Father